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Xenopore products are available in two basic types.  There are plastic products and glass products.  The plastic products are a series of 96-well plates which have capture molecules covalently attached to the surface.  These plates are used in ELISA assays, and are available in clear and opaque versions.  Please click on the surface of interest in the list below to learn more about each product.  If you need a surface that is not listed, please contact us.  We can often create a custom surface or treat a special shape that meets you needs.

The glass products include microscope slides (25 x 75 mm, 1 mm thick) and cover slips.  The microscope slides are particularly useful for creating microarrays using specially tagged molecules. They can be used for both DNA microarrays and protein microarrays.

Our standard cover slip is 22 x 40 mm, number 1 1/2.  We have also worked with cover slips in custom sizes ranging from 12 mm circles to 24 x 60 mm.  We are limited only by the availability of sizes from glass manufacturers.

Many different surfaces are available as stock products.  Please click on the surface under glass products to get more information.  If you need a surface not listed, please contact us.  We can probably create a surface to match your needs.  We can also treat many other shapes.

Glass Products

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