We have developed a procedure to aminosilanate glass surfaces to create a very uniform positively charged surface. This surface can be used to immobilize molecules by electrostatic interaction. Typically, the coefficient of variation is less than 5% within any slide and from slide to slide

We have available from stock standard clear microscope slides 25 x 75 mm,1 mm thick and glass cover slips 22 x 40mm, number 1 1/12.  We can also aminosilanate any other size and configuration that is commercially available as a custom product.   We have created this surface on cover glass ranging in size from 12 mm circles to 24 x 60 mm rectangles.  We have also reacted small glass chips and beads.  Please call or email with your specific needs.

The products are coated on both sides, so they can be used either way.

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