Covalent Attachment

The covalent attachment slides have a high concentration of aldehyde groups on the surface. These attach molecules with an amino label by creating a Schiff base.  The Schiff base is stable in neutral or basic solution, but reverses at pH below about 6.5.  The Schiff base can be stabilized by reacting with a borohydride to reduce the bond to the corresponding amide linkage.

The advantage of using the aldehyde surface is that it reacts rapidly at mild conditions.  It is therefore unlikely to cause denaturation of a protein.  Most proteins have enough amino groups so that no modification of the protein is required before binding.

We have available from stock standard clear microscope slides 25 x 75 mm,1 mm thick and glass cover slips 22 x 40mm, number 1 1/12. We can alsomake an aldehyde surface on any other size and configuration that is commercially available as a custom product. We have created this surface on cover glass ranging in size from 12 mm circles to 24 x 60 mm rectangles. We have also reacted small glass chips and beads.  Please call or email with your specific needs.

The products are coated on both sides, so they can be used either way.

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