Epoxy surface slides have specific reactivity to both primary amino groups and primary hydroxyl groups on proteins, peptides and DNA.  The reaction is irreversible and provides a simple spontaneous binding method for these molecules.  Since the reaction product is stable in both basic and acid media it has advantages over the use of the covalent binding aldehyde surface.  However, the binding conditions require the use of high pH, in the range of 11 – 12.  While these conditions are suitable for most peptides and DNA, proteins will be denatured under these conditions.

Microscope slides and cover slips

We have available from stock standard clear microscope slides 25 x 75 mm,1 mm thick and glass cover slips 22 x 40mm, number 1 1/12. We can also epoxy coat any other size and configuration that is commercially available as a custom product. We have created this surface on cover glass ranging in size from 12 mm circles to 24 x 60 mm rectangles. We have also treated small glass chips and beads.  Please call or email with your specific needs.

Theslides and cover slipsare coated on both sides, so they can be used either way.

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