Glutathione plates are design for binding GST tagged molecules.GST provides an alternative to traditional binding pairs such as biotin-streptavidin or Ni-NTA-his tag.  This provides the opportunity to have two different tags on a single molecule so that it can be immobilized using one tag and then the other tag can be used with a reporter molecule such as a labeled HRP.

Plates and strip plates

The plates are available in clear, opaque white and opaque black versions and in solid plates and in strip well format. The clear plates and strip plates are designed for use in colorimetric ELISA assays.

The opaque white and opaque black plates are used in chemiluminescent and fluorescent assays which are much more senstive assays and have much lower detection limits. These plates can also be used in non-enzymatic assays where it is desireable to read a direct tag..

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