Maleimide on Glass

Maleimide slides and cover slips are used to immobilize sulhydryl containing molecules. Similarly to our other slides and cover slips, the surface is very uniform and reacts spontaneously to create a very stable bond. It provides another binding pair to expand the range of binding possibilities for immobilizing biologically interesting molecules.  There are some instances where the common binding pairs interfere with the activity of the molecule, and less usual approaches must be tried. This surface provides on such avenue.

We have available from stock standard clear microscope slides 25 x 75 mm,1 mm thick and glass cover slips 22 x 40mm, number 1 1/12.  We can also  put maleimide on any other size and configuration that is commercially available as a custom product.  We have created this surface on cover glass ranging in size from 12 mm circles to 24 x 60 mm rectangles.   We have also reacted small glass chips and beads.   Please call or email with your specific needs.

The products are coated on both sides, so they can be used either way.

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