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Protein Quantitation on Plates

Cha, J.S., Pederson, E.D. and Turner, D.W. “PMN-Elastase Inhibition by a2 Macroglobulin and Antitrypsin in GCF” Journal of Dental Researh 72 p170 (abstract 530) 1993

Methods and kits for purifying his-tagged proteins  Tonny Johnson et al, US Patent 7339036, March 2008

A comparison of silver ion to streptavidin coated microplates; Matthew R. Bonen, Antonio A. and Steven A. Hoffman Journal of Microbiological Methods;Volume 44, Issue 2, 1 March 2001, Pages 113-120

Immunity to a Self-Derived, Channel-Forming Peptide in the Respiratory Tract;Frederik W. van Ginkel, Takeo Iwamoto, Bruce D. Schultz, and John M. Tomi;Clin Vaccine Immunol. 2008 February; 15(2): 260–266.

Double-Hexahistidine Tag with High-Affinity Binding for Protein Immobilization, Purification, and Detection on Ni-Nitrilotriacetic Acid Surfaces;Farid Khan, Mingyue He, and Michael J. Taussig;Anal. Chem., 2006, 78 (9), pp 3072–3079

Fluorescent Detection of Salmonella Using a Sandwich Hybridization Assay in Microwell Plates Cano, R.J., Garcia, C.D., Casedesus, J. and Palomares, J.C. ” Presented at ASM meeting, New Orleans, May 1992

Improvements to immunoassays by use of covalent binding assay plates;AS Douglas and CA Monteith Clinical Chemistry 40: 1833-1837, 1994

Engineering of the Myosin-Ibeta Nucleotide-binding Pocket to Create Selective Sensitivity to N6-modified ADP Analogs Peter G. Gillespie, Susan K. H. Gillespie , John A. Mercer Kavita , and Kevan M. Shokat J Biol Chem, Vol. 274, Issue 44, 31373-31381, October 29, 1999

Binding of complement component C1q to anti-ß2 glycoprotein I antibodies from patients with antiphospholipid syndrome M. Odorczuk, L. B. Keil, V. A. DeBari Inflammation Research V 48 #10, October 1999

Acceleration of Plasminogen Activation by Tissue Plasminogen Activator on Surface-bound Histidine-proline-rich Glycoprotein Dorin-Bogdan Borza and William T. Morgan J. Biological Chemistry Volume 272, Number 9, Issue of February 28, 1997 pp.5718-5726

Identification and characterization of a novel A-Kinase-anchoring protein (AKAP120) from rabbit gastric parietal cells; Daniel T. DRANSFIELD, Jennifer L. YEH, Alvin J. BRADFORD and James

DNA Quantitation and/or Detection of Point Mismatches on Plates
Cano, R.J., Garcia, C.D., Casedesus, J.,and Palomares, J.C. “Fluorescent Detection of Salmonella Using a Sandwich Hybridization Assay in Microwell Plates” Presented at ASM meeting, New Orleans, May 1992

Use of Microscope Slides for Detection and Hybridization

Microimmunoassay Using a Protein Chip: Optimizing Conditions for Protein ImmobilizationSeung-Yong Seong Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology, July 2002, p. 927-930, Vol. 9, No. 4&

Antibody Microarrays: Current Status and Key Technological Advances Christer Wingren, Carl A.K. Borrebaeck. OMICS: A Journal of Integrative Biology. September 1, 2006, 10(3): 411-427.

Surface-Nucleated Assembly of Fibrillar Extracellular Matrices J. R. Capadona , T. A. Petrie, K. P. Fears, R. A. Latour, D. M. Collard, A. J. García&lt Advance materials, v17, #21 pp2604-2608,

Quantitation of PCR Products with Chemiluminescence Martin, C.S. Butler, L., and Bronstein, I. BioTechniques 18 #5 pp 908-912 (May 1995)

Improved affinity coupling for antibody microarrays: Engineering of double-(His)6-tagged single framework recombinant antibody fragments Cornelia Steinhauer , Christer Wingren , Farid Khan , Mingyue He , Michael J. Taussig , Carl A. K. Borrebaeck, Volume 6 Issue 15, Pages 4227 – 4234&

Biomaterial microarrays: rapid, microscale screening of polymer–cell interactionDaniel G. Anderson, David Putnam, Erin B. Lavik, Tahir A. Mahmood and Robert Langer< Biomaterials Volume 26, Issue 23, August 2005, Pages 4892-4897

Photocleavage of a 2-nitrobenzyl linker bridging a fluorophore to the 5? end of DNA; Xiaopeng Bai,&nbsp; Zengmin Li, Steffen Jockusch, Nicholas J. Turro, Jingyue Ju; PNAS January 21, 2003; vol. 100no. 2409-413

Microarrays of small molecules embedded in biodegradable polymers for use in mammalian cell-based screens; Steve N. Bailey, David M. Sabatini, and Brent R. Stockwell;PNAS November 16, 2004; vol. 101&nbsp; no. 46 16144-16149

Microarrays based on affinity-tagged single-chain Fv antibodies: Sensitive detection of analyte in complex proteomes Christer Wingren Cornelia Steinhauer Johan Ingvarsson, Erik Persson, Katrin Larsson, Carl A. K. Borrebaeck PROTEOMICS – Clinical Applications Volume 5 Issue 5, Pages 1281 – 1291

Versatile protein microarray based on carbohydrate-binding modules Keren Ofir , Yevgeny Berdichevsky , Itai Benhar , Ronit Azriel-Rosenfeld , Raphael Lamed, Yoav Barak, Edward A. Bayer , Ely Morag Proteomics Volume 5 Issue 7, Pages 1806 – 1814

Escherichia coli proteome chips for detecting protein-protein interactions<BR>Yo Oishi , Shuichi Yunomura , Yuko Kawahashi, Nobuhide Doi , Hideaki Takashima , Tomoya Baba , Hirotada Mori , Hiroshi Yanagawa,&nbsp; Proteomics Volume 6 Issue 24, Pages 6433 – 6438

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